Google Ads ( PPC )

How Google Ads could be helpful for your business growth?

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second in 2021 and these number are increasing every day. Actually it is very difficult and time taking task to show your brand on the first page of Google against some keywords. So here comes Google Ads. You run Google ads and Boom! your website will be on the first page of Google when someone types some specific keywords ( of course you’ll select the keywords ). and you have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

How different businesses use Google ads?

Obviously not every Ad is suitable for every business. We always choose the best option that actually gives back the profit. So here are some types of Ads that we run and get better ROAS.

Google Shopping Ads

These are only suitable and best option for eCommerce stores. If you are selling something online and people places online orders, then shopping ads are the best option.

Text & Display Ads

If you are selling some kinds of services and courses, then you should go for display Ads. These are ads that you might’ve seen some images on different websites. Yes those are display ads. 

Video Ads

If your company has something to share through a video then video ads are the best option. We place video ads on YouTube Videos. Where Billions of people see videos on YouTube and will see your ad.

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Solutions we'll provide in this service!

We are providing following solution to grow your business even from 0 to whatever your target is.

100% yes. you can even sell your products and services in a single selected street.

Not at all, we’ll do that for free to register your brand on Google Maps. So, people can easily get directions to your physical store as well as online store.

It’ll take max 3 days and within 3 days we’ll start getting our orders. Time can be shorter than 3 days but not more than that.


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