Email Marketing

Why You Need Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the only marketing type that gives you the highest return on investment. If you spend $1 in email marketing, then you can get $42 in return. Email marketing is the best type to retarget your audience. You can retarget your audience based on your current discounts and updates to the same audience and there are 95% chances that those people will see your offer every time you send them email campaigns.

What you'll get in this service?

Email Campaigns

Setting up email marketing campaigns to retarget customers based on product type and marketing plan. easily run retargeting campaigns more than 5 times in a month.

Automation Setup

Setting up automations in email marketing is the most important thing. Email automations provides the 80% of the sales revenue in email marketing. that is why it’s very important.

Users Segmentation

Segmentation is very important to run effective campaigns in email marketing. Segmenting means separate only those email contacts that opens our campaigns and do some purchasing.

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Solutions we'll provide in Email Marketing

We are providing following solution to grow your business even from 0 to whatever your target is.

Definitely, Email marketing is best for eCommerce stores. You can make thousands of dollars through email marketing.

Basically it depends on the number of contact you have in your contacts list. Maximum the number of contacts means maximum sales revenue.

Email marketing is the cheapest marketing type in Digital marketing. You only have to pay a fixed amount every month and you can send as many emails as you want.


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